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hive idea, explained The day-page-set for the idea behind the diki-wiki-hive
Read the page hive idea without explanations.

The day-page-set hive idea provides the hive-idea-feed [[hive-idea-feed?]]. It is included below.

The page hive idea includes the day-page-set internally of the [[oddmuse?]] wiki software without using the feed. It updates instantly. You do not need to force a refresh to make sure to read the latest version of the page.

The hive-idea-feed is more over included into the pages:

To edit first paste the header of the latest day-page hive idea into the new day-page. Then edit the day-page hive idea.
To open the latest day-page click the green title of the inclusion into the page hive idea. Or click the respective day in the hive idea calendar. Then click edit this page to the upper right, mark and copy the page.

The hive idea calendar
The page hive idea, wider calendar permits a wider view. The entire calendar gives access to all day-pages.

To update this page [[force_a_refresh?]], please.

Inclusion of the hive-idea-feed [[hive-idea-feed?]]:

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