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wiki-net, explained The day-page-set for the wiki-net of the diki-list-wiki
Read the page wiki-net without explanations.

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Our current wiki-net

Our wiki-net contains information about what other wikis currently have our attention and about who cares for this wiki. Only the youngest day-page below determines our wiki-net-feed - the rss-feed for this information. See wiki-net(-wiki): wiki-net-server about what this feed is good for.

The wiki-node lists our possible neighbors in general. It’s like a neighbor repository. Add to it please. Which of the neighbors on our wiki-node currently are the most interesting ones?

The wikis and people listed on the youngest day-page below are triggered by which wikis and people are included on

For now please manually synchronize the contents of the youngest day-page below and the pages listed above.

To add our wiki-net first copy the youngest day-page below into today’s wiki-net. Then you can add to today's wiki-net.

The wiki-net-calendar
The wiki-net / wider calendar permits a wider view. The entire calendar gives access to all day-pages.

Our wiki-net is a day-page set. [WhatIsADaypage? What is a day-page?]

our current wiki-net

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